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AMD Ryzen 7 8700G 8 Core 16 Threads AM5 Processor

AMD Ryzen 7 8700G 8 Core 16 Threads AM5 Processor
AMD Ryzen 7 8700G 8 Core 16 Threads AM5 Processor
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  • Brand: AMD
  • Model: Ryzen 7 8700G
TK 40,500
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Processor Specification
Base Frequency 4.2GHz
Cache 16MB
Cores 8
Threads 16
Default TDP 45-65W
Maximum Memory Speed Up to 5.1GHz
Memory Type DDR5


AMD Ryzen 7 8700G Processor Price in Bangladesh

Looking for the ultimate performance and power in a processor? Look no further than the AMD Ryzen 7 8700G. With its exceptional specifications and affordable price in BD, it's the ideal choice for demanding tasks and intense gaming sessions. Featuring eight cores and 16 threads, the Ryzen 7 8700G guarantees lightning-fast responsiveness and multitasking capabilities. Its AM5 socket ensures compatibility with the latest motherboards, allowing you to future-proof your system. Thanks to its high clock speeds and efficient architecture, this processor excels in single-threaded and multi-threaded workloads. Whether you're editing multimedia content, running complex simulations, or streaming your gameplay, the Ryzen 7 8700G can easily handle it.

Ryzen 7 8700G Graphics

The Ryzen 7 8700G is equipped with powerful Radeon Vega graphics, offering smooth and immersive gaming experiences without needing a separate graphics card. Ryzen 7 8700G makes it an ideal choice for casual gamers or those on a budget. The Ryzen 7 8700G delivers impressive performance and provides advanced features such as Precision Boost technology, which dynamically adjusts clock speeds to optimize performance based on workload demands. Additionally, its energy efficiency helps keep power consumption in check, reducing heat and electricity costs.

AMD 7 8700G Best price in BD

Regarding pricing, the AMD Ryzen 7 8700G offers incredible value for its performance. Its competitive price in BD makes it an affordable option for those who want to experience the power of Ryzen processors without breaking the bank. In conclusion, the AMD Ryzen 7 8700G stands out as a powerhouse in the processor market, offering unparalleled performance, graphics capabilities, and value for money. Upgrade your system with the Ryzen 7 8700G and unlock a new level of computing performance.


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