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Deep Cool LT520 WH 240mm RGB High-Performance Liquid CPU Cooler

Deep Cool LT520 WH 240mm RGB High-Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
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Deep Cool LT520 WH 240mm RGB High-Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
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DeepCool LT520 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

The DeepCool LT520 WH high-performance liquid CPU cooler stands as a pinnacle of advanced cooling technology, designed to elevate your computing experience to new heights. Crafted with precision and innovation, this cooler boasts a range of features that ensure optimal thermal management and a visually stunning aesthetic. At the heart of its performance is the Fluid Dynamic Bearing, a bearing type renowned for its durability and quiet operation. Maximize cooling potential with DeepCool FK120 fans that are balanced to perfection for both performance and operational efficiency. The sturdy frame and fluid dynamic bearings offer stable and long-term reliability. has a 240mm radiator, two precision-tuned FK120 fans, and a multidimensional infinity mirror top cap to deliver great heat dissipation power. Maximize cooling potential with DeepCool FK120 fans that are perfectly balanced for both performance and operating efficiency. The strong frame and fluid dynamic bearings provide long-term stability and dependability. It synchronizes your setup with RGB lighting effects, allowing you to coordinate your colors using compatible RGB software and motherboard synchronization to have access to diverse lighting effects that complement the rest of your setup.

DeepCool LT520 RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

  • Smart Fan Control: The 4-pin PWM fan connector enables dynamic control over fan speed, allowing you to balance performance and noise levels according to your preferences and system requirements.
  • Customizable RGB Lighting: Featuring a 3-pin LED connector and Addressable RGB LED technology, the cooler offers stunning visual effects with a variety of colors and lighting patterns, enhancing the aesthetics of your system.
  • Silent Operation: Despite its robust cooling capabilities, the fan noise remains impressively low, with a maximum noise level of ≤32.9 dB(A) and ≤28.2 dB(A) with LSP, ensuring a quiet computing environment.
  • Efficient Pump Design: The 3100 RPM±10% pump efficiently circulates the cooling liquid, effectively transferring heat away from the CPU for optimal thermal management.
  • Compact Pump Dimensions: The pump's compact dimensions of 94x80x68 mm (L×W×H) allow for easy integration into various system configurations, ensuring compatibility with different case sizes.
  • Durable Radiator Material: The aluminum radiator, measuring 282x120x27 mm (L×W×H), is built for efficient heat dissipation while maintaining a lightweight and sturdy profile.
  • Long Tube Length: The cooler's tube length of 410 mm (L×W×H) provides flexibility during installation, accommodating different case layouts and ensuring easy mounting.
  • User-Friendly LED Controls: The 3-pin LED connector with a +5V-D-G configuration simplifies the LED setup, making it easier to customize the lighting effects to suit your desired aesthetic.
  • Power Efficiency: The cooler operates with minimal power consumption, with the fan drawing 2.64 W and the pump utilizing 4.56 W, contributing to energy efficiency while maintaining high-performance cooling.


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