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Intel 12th Gen Core i5-12600KF Alder Lake Processor

Intel 12th Gen Core i5-12600KF Alder Lake Processor
Intel 12th Gen Core i5-12600KF Alder Lake Processor
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  • Model: Core i5-12600KF
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Processor Specification
Base Frequency 3.7 GHz
Cache 20 MB
Cores 10
Threads 16
Default TDP 125 W
Maximum Memory Size 128GB
Max Number of Channels 2
Memory Type DDR4 3200 MHz; DDR5 4800 MHz


Intel Core i5-12600KF Processor

The Intel Core i5-12600KF Processor is a powerful gaming processor that operates with 10 cores and 16 threads. It runs at 4.90 GHz base, or all four cores simultaneously for 50 minutes straight without any hiccups--even while using integrated graphics! This fast clock speed makes it perfect for tasks like rendering 3D models in motion pictures (for example) who need more performance than what an HDTV can offer; plus this CPU offers plenty of headroom thanks to its TDP rating set at 125 Ws peak workload capacity per core on Intel's latest Alder Lake S Architecture.

The latest Intel Core i5-12600KF processor featured with Max. Boost Speed: P-Core Turbo: 4.9 GHz, E-Core Turbo: 3.6 GHz; Base Clock Speed: P-Core: 3.7 GHz, E-Core: 2.8 GHz, Cache: 20MB, Socket: LGA 1700, CPU Cores: 10, CPU Threads: 16. The Core i5-12600KF also includes support for up to PCI Express 5.0 and dual-channel DDR5 memory at Up to DDR5 4800 MT/s and Up to DDR4 3200 MT/s to help run and multitask a variety of demanding applications. The Core i5-12600KF Processor does not include integrated graphics, meaning that users will need to purchase a separate dedicated graphics card.

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