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Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y CPU Processor (8 Core 2.80GHz 12MB L3 Cache)

 Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y CPU Processor (8 Core 2.80GHz 12MB L3 Cache)
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Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y CPU Processor (8 Core 2.80GHz 12MB L3 Cache)
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  • Brand: Intel
  • Model: Xeon Silver 4309Y
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 Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y CPU Processor

The Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y CPU Processor marks a strategic component of the Intel Xeon Scalable family, focusing on delivering efficient and scalable performance tailored for a diverse array of server and data center applications. This model, particularly indicated by the "Y" suffix, suggests specific optimizations that may prioritize a balance between power efficiency and computational capability, often aimed at entry-level to mid-range workloads. 

  1. Cores/Threads: Features 8 cores and, leveraging Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology, supports 16 threads. This configuration is optimized for multitasking and processing efficiency, making it suitable for workloads that can benefit from parallel processing. 
  2. Base Frequency: Operates at a base frequency of 2.80GHz, providing a robust performance level for a variety of computational tasks. This higher base frequency, compared to some earlier Silver models, enhances its capability to handle more demanding tasks efficiently. 
  3. L3 Cache: Comes with 12MB of L3 cache, offering a good cache size to facilitate faster data retrieval and processing, beneficial for operations that need quick access to data. 
  4. TDP (Thermal Design Power): Rated at 105W, indicating the processor's power consumption and thermal output. This TDP suggests a slight increase in power for improved performance capabilities, while still maintaining a focus on energy efficiency. 
  5. Socket Compatibility: Designed for seamless integration with the Intel Xeon Scalable platform, ensuring compatibility with a wide spectrum of server architectures optimized for this processor family. 


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