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Western Digital Hard Disk Drive Price in Bangladesh 2022

Western Digital (WD) desktop internal hard drives offer multiple families of drives to meet performance requirements across a range of applications and environments. A standard home desktop has needs different from those of a network-attached storage device connected to multiple machines. There are drives built to cater to a gaming PC that also offer a unique setup. They write and read data efficiently while protecting against failures and errors.

Western Digital Desktop Internal Hard Drives Are Reliable for Basic Computing

For standard home and work setups, Western Digital offers models from the Blue™ and Green™ lines. Their solid construction makes them resistant to errors and long-lasting, delivering over a million hours of performance. Read and write speeds of more than 500MB/s make saving and accessing files quick and efficient. Installing a WD SATA hard disk is simple and easy, whether working with desktop or laptop internal hard drives. Free Western Digital software is also available to aid in drive monitoring. Green drives have a low power draw, reducing electric consumption.

Protect Crucial Data With a WD Enterprise Hard Drive

A WD Enterprise hard drive delivers the reliability and quick response required at a business level. Gold™ drives have Secure Erase technology to protect sensitive information, and contain engineering geared toward optimal productivity. Ultrastar® data center drives handle high amounts of data traffic coming from multiple sources, working at speeds of up to 12Gb/s. They also provide encrypted security. A range of capacities up to 15.36TB supports scalability as needs grow and change.

Prioritize Resources With a WD Gaming Hard Drive

Reliable hard drives are essential for any custom PC build, especially machines dedicated to gaming. WD Black drives have a high capacity for game software, as well as other media such as videos and music. Dynamic Cache and Stable Trac technologies optimize drive cache during read and write cycles, boosting game performance and responsiveness. An optimized cache gives gaming PCs more memory to work with when rending detailed gaming environments.

Ensure Large-Scale Data Integrity With NAS Drives

Always-on networked attached storage (NAS) systems need a drive capable of handling constant usage, such as the WD Red NAS hard drive. The drive supports multiple users accessing media files, rendering photos and videos quickly with minimal latency. These Western Digital desktop internal hard drives also integrate seamlessly with controllers/RAID cards for reliable data back-ups. Low-heat, low-noise operation maintains a safe and quiet environment, while vibration resistance further protects data integrity.

Capture and Store Video With Purpose-Built Surveillance Drives

Similar to NAS systems, surveillance cameras are always on and recording large amounts of video data. Purple drives handle the demanding workload, and utilize All Frame technology to minimize pixilation and errors. This works to ensure that the footage captured is clear and reliable. Purple drives handle data from multiple sources, supporting up to 64 cameras at once. All Frame AI enables deep learning analytics for enhanced security functions, such as object detection and tracking. These types of WD drives focus on write operations, facilitating a steady stream of new footage being saved in real time.

Latest Western Digital Hard Disk Drive Price List in BD 2022

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